Tuesday, 10 November 2015

9 Stone !

Oh my goodness what a day! Thank you to each and everyone of you who stayed to group today and took on board the changes to image therapy. I sorry group has been a bit longer than usual in all three sessions  but I really needed to explain to you new things. Because of these changes Image therapy from next week will be much quicker but even more supportive & jam packed with support, hints, tips, recipes and inspiration more than normal. If you don't stop to group believe me you are missing out! 

Today we've heard so many food ideas & I've been blown away by the support you have given each other. You are all truly amazing & the weight losses you achieve are proof of this.
Total group weight loss is a stunning 125lbs that is nearly 9 stone!

Slimmer of the Weeks go to
Michael V
Kerry L
Gill H
Julie P
June J
Sarah B

Slimmer of the Month
Lesley H
Dawn E
Sarah B

Two members have achieved their dream target weight this week. Huge congratulations to Claire G & Liz O.
Im very proud of these two ladies, they've both really embraced food optimising and are incredibly supportive of fellow members. Claire is one of our group lifelines and is a slimming buddy with Kathy this week to give Kathy an extra layer of support. This is what happens in group -  amazing friendship & support every week.

Have a fabulous week, enjoy food optimising!

Remember 'the more speed you choose, the more weight you lose'


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