Thursday, 12 November 2015

Incredible things happen

I'm was just thinking about group and about members that never stay to image therapy or did but don't any more and this worries me. If you don't stop can I ask 'are you happy with your weight loss?' I'm pretty sure I can safely say the answer will be no in the majority of cases

When you joined Slimming World I tell I'm there for you and will do everything I can to help you get where you want to be. I also tell you that you need to make some changes and give yourself a commitment. There is no change without change. 

In group each week is where along with me we can help each other together. 
We share such inspiration stories, motivate each other when feeling down, celebrate successes and share delicious meals and foodie tips. And most of all we have a bit of fun. Group is your time, allow yourself that hour each week and believe me you will start to see instant results. The power of the group is amazing. Success breeds success & you will be part of that success.


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