Friday, 29 January 2016


Brilliant sessions this week with lots of food learning. I hope everyone enjoyed group and found it beneficial.

Remember if you aren't getting the results guy want at the scales ask yourself are you truely following food optimising? Is your plate packed with free foods especially 1/3 of specifically speed free foods? Are you really weighing & measuring your healthy extras and did you count every syn today? There is no magic tricks or special secrets to Food optimising, just following the plan will get you great results at the scales. 

Don't forget to be Speed Aware - the more speed you choose, the more weight you'll lose!

Check your meals, is there at least 1/3 speed on the plate?
Add speed vegetables to every meal whether its 'in the dish' or on the side.
Examples: (assuming all these meals are cooked Slimming World style)
Steak, chips and peas - perfect food optimising meal but to make it even better, have a few less peas and add speed mushrooms and tomatoes.
Chicken curry & rice-again perfect food optimising but add lots of speed veg to make it a chicken and vegetable curry and cook the rice with vegetables for an even better food optimising meal.
Shepherds pie is fabulous hearty meal, make it even better by adding lots of speed veg to the pie, swap potato mash for swede mash and serve with more vegetables.
Weetabix, milk and banana - love this! Add more speed fruit such as strawberries to speed this up

These are just a few suggestions, there are loads on the Slimming World website and in your Slimming World pack. Don't forget to look at the Va Va voom your veg section in Everyday extra easy book in your pack.
This is food optimising at its very best. :)


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