Friday, 19 February 2016

Fed up February?

Are you feeling a little down in the dumps? Christmas was ages ago and the summer feels miles away, it's cold and dark and lots of people feel unhappy at this time of the year. If you feel that way don't worry because the sun always shines on Wyrley Slimming World stars. No matter whether you lose or gain we are there for each other to get through the week ahead.
This week in group we awarded 
Half stones, 1 stones, 1 & half stone, Club 10's & a phenomenal 14 stone awards! How about that for motivation?
We heard about singing swede, salt & pepper chicken, sticky chicken, lamb hotpot, chicken, chips & mushy peas, slow cooked gammon, river cobbler, cheese, bacon & potato pie, chicken curry, chips, carrot soup and that's all I can remember! I love being in group with you each week learning new recipes and tips, salt and pepper chicken is definitely on my menu this week! 
So anyway let's all look forward and dream of sunshine & how fabulous we WILL feel & look this year! 


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