Wednesday, 23 March 2016

An apology

Hi all huge apology to everyone regarding scales chaos yesterday. Unfortunately technical blips do happen occasionally and although I try my very best sometimes like today things are beyond my control. 
Mr parcelforce man has just arrived with our new scales so you can be 100% assured that the scales next week will be correct. 

The evening members you will be pleased to know the scales were weighing different to the morning so weight results on the evening were I believe pretty much accurate.

However after yesterday's incidents I'm inclined to think our scales have possibly been a little sporadic over past couple of weeks which means the new scales may show a different weight to what you are expecting. 
No matter what the 'number' says it doesn't matter, we won't be talking about weight gains or making a big fuss about the results. We have to draw the line at some point and accept there has been inaccurate readings recently but from next week and there on they will be correct.  
Again I can only apologise and hope you understand and instead of feeling worried about next week be motivated by how you felt when you saw the weight loss today. 

Have a fabulous food optimising week, don't get bogged down with the numbers game next week. Its how you feel & want to feel that's important. You are a super motivating & supportive group and let's hang on to that because you are amazing :)


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