Monday, 30 January 2017

Whats happening in group this week

Free Food February starts this week in Slimming World groups. Its a fantastic opportunity to reignite our passion for free foods. Free foods are what food optimising is all about, its how we lose weight, how we feel and look fantastic. We can enjoy the most amazing meals from egg and chips to curry, shepherds pie, roast dinners, spaghetti bolognaise, chicken casserole, burgers, chicken kiev, stir fries, lasagne, fish n chips and much much more! Filling up on free foods so we never go hungry. 

February groups will have a really big focus on free foods, I want us to share as many free food meals  ideas so bring along your note books, you wont want to miss a thing! We will be enjoying  free food taster parties on February 14th (more info next week)

Remember bring a new member get a week free is back on so be the best friend ever and bring along a friend to introduce them to the love of free foods and earn yourself a free week AND help them achieve their weight loss dreams. 

Brand new recipe book is available first ONLY to members who purchase a 12 week countdown during February. If you already have a countdown you can purchase a gift voucher which you can use when your current countdown finishes. Dont miss out on this offer saving £10 on fees and free book worth £4.95. Book on sale March. 

And lastly new magazine is on sale this week, its AMAZING! 


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