Saturday, 11 February 2017

Free Food February Valentine Taster Party

All food photos are courtesy of Great Wyrley Slimming World members
Love Food - Love Food Optimising

Valentines Day already and we are in the mood for love - the love of free foods! 
So lets have a party! If you've not been to a Slimming World food party before you are in for a treat! Its a lovely opportunity to try different recipes and foodie ideas. Il provide all the plates and cutlery, all you need to do is bring is some food and yourself. If you cant bring food we totally understand, its no problem just bring yourself, we love to share. However if you don't want to come empty handed can always bring a bottle of pop. But of course it would be lovely if everyone bought a little something to eat and share. The more food the better! 
I cant stress how vital it is to come to group next week. Free food February is all about reminding how important free foods are to food optimising and the fabulous filling power they have. To share our favourite meals with each other alongside support and encouragement what could be a better way to start your new Slimming World week! 

Ok so what to bring?
Anything you like really! In the past we've had quiches, chilli, curry, rice, spicy sausages, low syn cakes, cous cous salad, soups, dips and so much more.
Take a look at this link on the Slimming World website for some snack ideas
There is also some snack ideas on my main blog
I love this cheeky blog from Two Chubby Cubs, they have some brill recipes.
Check out this consultant from Warwickshires blog, its fab and this brilliant website for lots of ideas
As always when looking non official websites dont forget to check syn values to protect your weight loss! 

Heres some other ideas
Onion bhajis
Chicken in syn free marinade
Bombay potatoes
Curry loaf
Scotch eggs
Pulled pork
Mini lasagne cups
Loaded potato skins

Look forward to seeing all in group. 


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